Kenfig Pool and area part 1

Kenfig Pool is the largest fresh water lake in South Wales and is situated in the Kenfig National Nature Reserve. Leave the M4 at J37 and follow your sat nav to postcode CF33 4PT.


When I was a lad, the area was covered with sand dunes and we used to pretend we were in the desert. We had hours of fun on those long summer days of the 1970s. Now the dunes have become overgrown and there is very little sand to see apart from the paths that lead to the pool and beyond.

One of the first things you’ll notice when leaving the area of the Nature Reserve building is the sudden silence, only broken by the call of wild birds.

The first part of the pool you will come to is The Tree which you can see above. Most of the time it grows from within the water but after a few hot, sunny days you can walk up to it via a sandy beach. It is especially attractive to photograph at sunset. You might get lucky and have a wild swan glide gracefully into the frame! It happened to me some years back.

Further along you come to one of the bird observation huts that look out over the pool. Please be quiet around here as you would not want to disturb a photographer just as they are about to take the shot of the day. You have to be careful beyond this point as you walk along the path that goes around the pool. Even in summer, this area can be boggy and wet.

You can walk west from here, all the way to Sker Beach which I shall talk about another time.

And now to some strange and mysterious stories about the area……..

The ancient town of Kenfig is rumoured to lay under the pool, on a still night you can hear the old church bell ringing under the water. It’s a creepy story but not true. The old town was buried bit by bit in the middle ages by the encroaching sands, blown in by the sea winds. The remains of the castle can still be seen if you walk about a mile north of the pool. C4’s Time Team visited in 2011, it was a bit disappointing as they did not find much.

I have been told that one summer in the early 1970s, two silver, metallic orbs were seen zooming around the pool on a bright, sunny evening. They were observed from the place you see in the picture above.

Finally I come to the Prince of Wales pub, which you can see above. The upstairs room has a reputation for being haunted. Strange sounds can be heard coming from it at night, when it is locked up. Scientists spent a few nights there and recorded strange sounds…. Click on the link below to see a tv news report about it.

Spooky eh? Its a great pub, pop in for a drink. Maybe a spirit? Sorry…..

If you want to see more photos of Kenfig Pool then click on the link below for my Flickr page:

That’s it for now, I shall continue talking about the Kenfig area next time. Thanks for reading. Bye


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