Kenfig Pool and area part 2: Sker Beach

Sker Beach can be reached by walking about a mile West from Kenfig Pool. An alternative and easier route is from Rest Bay along The Wales Coastal Path but more on that next time.

Sker Beach stretches on into the distance

The most interesting time to visit Sker Beach is in the morning in my opinion. You get the place mostly to yourself and you can enjoy the flat yellow sands and dunes in peace and quiet; a rare sense of isolation. The sea there is popular with surfers and the waves are fantastic to ride. The advantage of its relative isolation is that not many people go there, so it is never crowded and so is litter free. There is a lifeguard station but I don’t think it is manned constantly so be careful with children in the water. And yourself of course!

Surfers making the most of the waves.

In April 1947 a cargo ship called The Samtampa crashed onto the rocks at Sker in a storm. 39 crew died but even more tragically so did 8 lifeboat men who tried to save them. One of my family went to see the wreck as a child and apparently it was very large ship, dominating the view of the beach. Fortunately there are no traces of the wreck to be seen now.

The rocks at Sker Beach

Another famous part of the area is Sker House.  There has been a building on the site for about 900 years. I remember as a child being told ghost stories about the place and was always scared when I walked past it, even on sunny evenings after a day out at the beach. The reputation Sker House has for being haunted comes mainly from a novel, The Maid of Sker by RD Blackmore written in 1872. He also wrote Lorna Doone. The ghost tale is a mix of this novel and local legends, of a woman prevented from marrying her true love by her father and eventually being locked in a windowless room in the house. Her ghost is supposed to haunt the place.

Sker House, no ghosts

If you want to see more pictures of the area, click on the link below. Thanks for reading, bye


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