The Wales Coast Path From Rest Bay to Sker

One beautiful morning in June, I decided to take a walk along The Wales Coast Path which is 870 miles in length. I tackled about two miles of it from Rest Bay in Porthcawl to Sker Beach. The Path was developed by the Welsh Government in partnership with the Countryside Council for Wales, sixteen local authorities, a couple of National Parks and help from the European Regional Development Fund.


One of the most impressive things for me was how the new path allows even wheelchair bound people access to the beaches of Rest Bay, Pink Bay etc. Whereas previously, there was no chance you could get to these places over the old rocky, twisted paths if you were in anyway disabled… or even a bit unfit! I can vouch for the latter part. You could easily twist an ankle between two rocks in those days.


Rest Bay has a beautiful long, flat, beach and is popular with surfers. Its one of my favourite local beaches with lots of parking, toilets, clean sand with plenty of space for everyone on those rare hot sunny days when everybody heads to the coast for a swim and sunbathe. I fondly remember going there for the day many times when I was a child. As the tide came in on a warm evening, the waves would be huge and we would dive into them and be thrown to the shallows. There is a manned lifeguard station if you were wondering….


Further along the path is Pink Bay. Its named that I guess from the pinkish brown rock that is everywhere. Just a shot in the dark. It’s a little less popular than Rest Bay but it is very relaxing. Many young people camp there overnight and light fires on the beach. There may be a few alcoholic drinks available but I don’t know too much about that.


As you leave Pink Bay and approach Sker Beach the planked part of the path stops. It’s open ground from here on but it is mainly grassland. See my last post for details on Sker Beach.

If you want to see other pictures of this trip then click on link below which will take you to my Flickr page-

Thanks for reading, till next time…. bye


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